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1D0-520 V5 CIW Site Designer

Exam Title : CIW Web Design Specialist
Exam ID : 1D0-520
Exam Center Fee : $150 (USD)
Exam Duration : 75 mins
Questions in test : 70
Passing Score : 70%
Exam Center : Pearson VUE
Real Questions : CIW Web Design Specialist Real Questions
VCE practice questions : CIW 1D0-520 Certification VCE Practice Test

Site Development Essentials
- Identify and manage elements of the Web site development process.
- Meet customer expectations with Web site project and design.
- Identify ethical and legal issues relevant to Web development and design.

Web Design Elements
- Use Web design principles to evaluate and develop a site's aesthetic qualities and its ability to enhance viewer experience.
- Use Web design principles to enable navigation, usability and accessibility.

Basic Web Technologies
- Use basic HTML and XHTML (X/HTML) to develop a series of Web pages.
- Use X/HTML and extended technologies to enhance Web page structure, format and usability.
- Create image files, and use images in X/HTML pages and site design.
- Create Web sites using GUI site development applications.
- Publish and maintain a production Web site.

Advanced Web Technologies
- Use multimedia and plug-in technologies to enhance a Web site.
- Use client-side and server-side programming to enhance Web site functionality.
- Connect Web pages to a database.
- Conduct effective Internet marketing.
- Create syndicated feeds using feed management services.

V5 CIW Site Designer
CIW Designer Questions and Answers
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Kate McFarlin is a licensed insurance agent with extensive experience in covering syllabus related to marketing, small business, personal finance and home improvement. She began her career as a Web designer and also specializes in audio/video mixing and design.

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Killexams : 20 Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them No result found, try new keyword!There's only one thing standing between you and the job that you want: your answers to common interview questions ... a work-from-home job as a graphic designer that you can do independently ... Mon, 02 Jul 2012 01:28:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Dr. Paul Knoepfler Answers Questions on CRISPR and the Advent of Designer Babies

Dr. Paul Knoepfler, a recognized stem cell and genetics researcher, author and blogger, just returned for another AMA Series on Reddit. There, he answered questions on the latest gene editing and modification technology called CRISPR and its implications on medical science and ethics.

He begins by noting the significance of the CRISPR technique, saying, “It is totally changing how we scientists genetically modified cells and even organisms. What used to take years and potentially millions of dollars can be done in weeks or months for a few thousand bucks. In my lab, we use CRISPR to do research on stem cells and cancer. Others are doing similar work for a variety of other conditions, while some are making new GMOs in record time…”

While the technology continues to transform the way people see and approach science, it also raises the need for proper education regarding the discovery.

Knoepfler fielded questions like, how does it work; can the world draw a line between human enhancement and designer babies; is eugenics now a reality; does CRISPR offer benefits for people who are already born; what is the real potential of this gene editing technology...and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Potential and Implications

The series gives a thorough and in-depth explanation on what CRISPR can do and, more importantly, the ethical questions that the existence of this technology raises.

“There quite a lot of potential for gene editing via CRISPR in adults. The challenge is that unlike germline editing, genetic modification of adults can only reach some of our cells. Still it could be use for gene therapy in adults for certain genetic diseases, either alone or in combination with cell therapy,” he explains.

He does note that this will be rather difficult to implement in older people, however, "It's hard to cure a genetic disease in adults because every cell pretty much has the mutation(s). There might be hopes for effective treatments. Already gene therapy shows exciting promise for specific diseases and that can be done in the future with CRISPR and it could be done in older people. Much boils down to risk versus benefit. Another big issue is how to deliver/ conduct the CRISPR-based gene therapy in adults?"

Knoepfler, who has openly expressed his desire to put a moratorium on human modification, goes on to say that, “If [a] genetic modification could be proven to be safe and effective (very tough tasks) at genetic disease prevention, that would be the first step toward my being able to support it.”

He notes that it will all come down to the data supporting the safety and efficacy of the technology, which then presents new and even more difficult questions to answer—“Is the gene editing approach better somehow than the much safer embryo screening approaches (e.g. PGD)? Is the technology only available to the rich? Do we know that the genetic modification correcting the disease in question doesn't cause some other problem?” he cites as examples.

When asked about designer babies, he says that he understands the notable things that DNA editing could provide us, but advises caution: "In most cases, parents would simply want the best chance for a healthy child. Given human nature, though, a significant even if minority fraction would probably given in temptation if the same clinic doing the disease prevention work offered 'a la carte' enhancement options. It could start off simply as, 'we can provide you a healthy baby most likely and by the way, would you prefer a boy or girl? Green, blue or brown eyes?' This could be done via embryo screening rather than modification, or both. What about height? Muscles? Etc."

Read the full AMA here.

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Killexams : 100 Movie Trivia Questions (and Answers) All Movie Lovers Should Know

Put your film knowledge to the test and see how many movie trivia questions you can get right. Plus, learn bonus facts about your favorite movies!

How many of these movie trivia questions can you answer correctly?

Consider yourself a film aficionado? If so, these trivia questions are for you. There’s a wide range of trivia questions here, from specific movie questions (including some Star Wars trivia) to general movie knowledge. Sit back, grab the popcorn, and see how many movie trivia questions you get right—no peeking at the answers! Don’t forget to check out these trivia questions for kids—they’ll liven up your family game night.



Ronald Siemoneit/Getty Images

The code in The Matrix comes from what food recipes?

A. Sushi recipes

B. Dumpling recipes

C. Stir-fry recipes

D. Pad thai recipes

Answer: Sushi recipes

Bonus fact: A production designer scanned symbols from his wife’s sushi cookbooks, then manipulated them to create the iconic “code.”

What’s the name of Meatloaf’s character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

A. Henry

B. Eddie

C. Chuck

D. Al

Answer: Eddie

Who actually drew the sketch of Rose in Titanic?

A. Leonardo DiCaprio

B. Billy Zane

C. James Cameron

D. Kathy Bates

Answer: James Cameron

Bonus fact: Unlike Jack’s French girls, Kate Winslet wore a bathing suit while Cameron sketched the picture.

Who voices Joy in Pixar’s Inside Out?

A. Tina Fey

B. Kathryn Hahn

C. Ellen DeGeneres

D. Amy Poehler

Answer: Amy Poehler

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Where were The Lord of the Rings movies filmed?

A. Ireland

B. Iceland

C. New Zealand

D. Australia

Answer: New Zealand

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Which country does Forrest Gump travel to as part of the All-American Ping-Pong Team?

A. Vietnam

B. China

C. Sweden

D. France

Answer: China

Which famous Pulp Fiction scene was filmed backward?

A. Vincent and Mia’s dance scene

B. Mia’s overdose scene

C. The royale with cheese scene

D. The Ezekiel 25:17 scene

Answer: Mia’s overdose scene

Bonus fact: When Uma Thurman’s character is having an overdose, it looks like John Travolta sticks a needle in her to revive her. Actually, Travolta pulled the needle out, and the film was run backward to reverse the action.

Which actor was in the following movies: The Outsiders, Wayne’s World, and Tommy Boy?

A. Tom Cruise

B. Matt Dillon

C. Rob Lowe

D. C. Thomas Howell

Answer: Rob Lowe

Who was the first Black person to win an Oscar?

A. Hattie McDaniel

B. Sidney Poitier

C. Dorothy Dandridge

D. James Earl Jones

Answer: Hattie McDaniel

Bonus Fact: McDaniel won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 1939 for her role as Mammy in Gone with the Wind

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Which is not the name of a child selected to tour the Wonka factory in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

A. Billy Warp

B. Veruca Salt

C. Mike Teavee

D. Charlie Bucket

Answer: Billy Warp

Freddy Krueger wears a striped sweater that is which colors?

A. Red and blue

B. Orange and green

C. Red and green

D. Orange and brown

Answer: Red and green

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Who did the cat in The Godfather belong to?

A. Francis Ford Coppola

B. Diane Keaton

C. Al Pachino

D. No one—the cat was a stray

Answer: No one—the cat was a stray.

Bonus fact: Director Francis Ford Coppola found the cat in the studio and handed it to Marlon Brando before the shot. The cat loved the actor so much that it stayed in his lap and purred so loudly that the crew was afraid the noise would drown out the dialogue.

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What is the name of the fictional land where Frozen takes place?

A. Arendelle

B. Naples

C. Florin

D. Grimm

Answer: Arendelle

MGM 2001 Movie Previews

MGM 2001 Movie Previews

Getty Images/Getty Images

What score did Elle Woods get on her LSAT in Legally Blonde?

A. 155

B. 166

C. 170

D. 179

Answer: 179

Which movie is this famous line from: “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

A. Love Actually

B. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

C. Brokeback Mountain

D. The Notebook 

Answer: Brokeback Mountain

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What was the top-grossing movie of 2014?

A. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

B. The Lego Movie

C. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

D. Guardians of the Galaxy

Answer: Guardians of the Galaxy

True or false: Sean Connery wore a toupee in every James Bond movie

Answer: True

Bonus fact: If you think the dreamy 007 seemed too good to be true, you’re right. Sean Connery started balding at age 17.

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How old was Stockard Channing when she played high school student Rizzo in Grease?

A. 27

B. 33

C. 35

D. 20

Answer: 33

Who directed the hit 2017 movie Get Out?

A. James Wan

B. Jordan Peele

C. Guillermo del Toro

D. Tim Story

Answer: Jordan Peele

What item is in every Fight Club scene?

A. A Coca-Cola can

B. A Starbucks cup

C. A Dunkin’ donut

D. A Pepsi bottle

Answer: A Starbucks cup

Bonus fact: Director David Fincher thought the Starbucks shops popping up on every block of LA in the late ‘90s was “too much of a good thing,” so he poked fun of the coffee chain in Fight Club. He’s claimed to have sneaked a Starbucks cup into every shot, with the permission of the chain—with one exception. Starbucks didn’t want its shop destroyed on film, so that scene uses the made-up Gratifico Coffee instead.

If you watch the Marvel movies in chronological order, which movie would you watch first?

A. Iron Man

B. Captain America: The First Avenger 

C. Doctor Strange

D. Captain Marvel

Answer: Captain America: The First Avenger 

Mike Myers In 'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me'

Mike Myers In 'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me'

New Line Cinema/Getty Images

Which is the first movie in the Austin Powers franchise?

A. Austin Powers: Spy of the World 

B. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 

C. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 

D. Austin Powers in Goldmember 

Answer: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 

Which movie is this quote from: “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

A. Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

B. Citizen Kane

C. Casablanca 

D. Notorious 

Answer: Casablanca 

What is the name of the camp where counselors are terrorized by a slasher in Friday the 13th?

A. Camp Holland Lake

B. Camp Crystal Lake

C. Camp Diamond Lake

D. Camp Green Lake

Answer: Camp Crystal Lake

Some of the velociraptor noises in Jurassic Park are actually which animals mating?

A. Tortoises

B. Frogs

C. Lizards

D. Crocodiles

Answer: Tortoises

Bonus fact: At least that’s what the sound designer used when the raptors were communicating. Other scenes of the species used horse breathing and goose hisses.

Which actor hasn’t played the Joker?

A. Jack Nicholson

B. Sean Penn

C. Jared Leto

D. Mark Hamil

Answer: Sean Penn

Which country was the 2017 movie Call Me By Your Name filmed?

A. France

B. Italy

C. Greece

D. Morocco

Answer: Italy

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The Sandlot

The Sandlot

Archive Photos/Stringer/Getty Images

The dog in The Sandlot is nicknamed “The Beast.” What’s the dog’s real name?

A. Hercules

B. Goliath

C. Atlas

D. Zeus

Answer: Hercules

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Which singer starred alongside Steve Martin in 2006’s remake of The Pink Panther?

A. Beyoncé

B. Britney Spears

C. Rihanna

D. Mariah Carey

Answer: Beyoncé

Which two movies started from the same script?

A. Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind 

B. E.T. and Poltergeist 

C. The Goonies and Indiana Jones

D. Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time

Answer: E.T. and Poltergeist 

Bonus fact: Steven Spielberg was going to produce filmmaker John Sayles’ Night Skies script about a rural family invaded by aliens that could kill with a touch of the finger but decided to go a more family-friendly route with the story by creating E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Sayles wouldn’t rewrite the script, but Spielberg kept the idea for Poltergeist.




How many Oscars has Halle Berry won?

A. 2

B. 1

C. 0

D. 4

Answer: 1

True or false: Speed is the only movie Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves have starred in together

Answer: False

Bonus fact: They also starred in 2006’s The Lake House together.

Which movie is this quote from: “What’s in the box?”

A. Speed 

B. Reservoir Dogs

C. The Boondock Saints 

D. Se7en 

Answer: Se7en 

In Mean Girls, Cady moves to Illinois from which continent?

A. Australia

B. Europe

C. Africa

D. Asia

Answer: Africa

Michael Myers’ mask in Halloween is which actor’s face?

A. Clint Eastwood

B. Marlon Brando

C. Paul Newman

D. William Shatner

Answer: William Shatner

Bonus fact: Specifically, it was his Star Trek character, Captain Kirk. There wasn’t money in the 1978 horror film’s budget to create a custom mask, so the art director bought a clown and a Captain Kirk mask. The crew spray-painted it white and adjusted the eyes and hair to create the terrifying mask.

Which movie was not directed by Tim Burton?

A. The Witches 

B. Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure 

C. Corpse Bride

D. Big Fish

Answer: The Witches 

Which movie does not feature Emma Stone?

A. Superbad

B. Easy A

C. The Help

D. No Strings Attached

Answer: No Strings Attached

What object was Toy Story’s Woody originally?

A. A ventriloquist dummy

B. A puppet

C. A clown doll

D. A nesting doll

Answer: A ventriloquist dummy

Bonus fact: Even in later versions, Woody was written as a “sarcastic bully” trying to rally the other toys against Buzz. Luckily, the studio decided to transform him into a more lovable character.

Who directed Silence of the Lambs?

A. Wes Anderson

B. Jonathan Demme

C. Oliver Stone

D. Christopher Nolan

Answer: Jonathan Demme

Which isn’t a core rule for handling a Mogwai in Gremlins?

A. Do not feed it after midnight

B. Do not expose it to bright lights

C. Do not let it get wet

D. Do not let it get cold

Answer: Do not let it get cold

Which professional athlete was considered for the lead in The Terminator?

A. Dan Marino

B. Mike Tyson

C. O.J. Simpson

D. Wayne Gretzky

Answer: O.J. Simpson

Bonus fact: Director James Cameron rejected the choice because he didn’t think the “this likable, goofy, kind of innocent guy” could pull off a cyborg assassin.

True or false: The Shining was Stephen King’s first novel to be adapted into a movie

Answer: False

Bonus Fact: 1976’s Carrie was actually the first movie to be adapted from a Stephen King novel.

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How old was the voice actress of Monster Inc.’s Boo at the time of production?

A. Four

B. Two and a half

C. Six

D. Ten

Answer: Two and a half

Bonus fact: At two and a half, Mary Gibbs had trouble sitting still through the scenes, so the crew would follow her around with a microphone. They’d tickle her or take candy away to make her laugh or cry, so the emotions are as real as they sound.

Who took home an Oscar for Best Actor in 1998?

A. Matt Damon

B. Jack Nicholson

C. Liam Neeson

D. Sean Penn

Answer: Jack Nicholson

Bonus fact: Nicholson won the award for his performance in As Good as It Gets. 

Which Star Wars characters appear in Indiana Jones?

A. R2-D2 and C-3PO

B. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia

C. Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi

D. Han Solo and Chewbacca

Answer: R2-D2 and C-3PO

Bonus fact: Look closely at the scenery in Raiders of the Lost Ark and you’ll notice hieroglyphics with the robots’ likeness in two scenes.

Who plays lawyer-turned-youth-hockey-coach Gordon Bombay in The Mighty Ducks franchise?

A. Denzel Washington

B. Charlie Sheen

C. Emilio Estevez

D. Tim Allen

Answer: Emilio Estevez

True or false: Gone With the Wind’s fire scene is old sets being burned

Answer: True

Bonus fact: The filmmakers had to get rid of the old sets to make room for the new movie’s scenery anyway, so burning them and filming it as “Atlanta” going down in flames accomplished both. The filmmakers are lucky it worked—they shot the blaze even before the movie’s cast was confirmed.

In The Ring, how long do people have to live after they watch a cursed videotape?

A. Three days

B. Seven days

C. Five days

D. One day

Answer: Seven days

Which famous line from Jaws was ad-libbed?

A. “I used to hate the water.”

B. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

C. “All this machine does is swim, and eat, and make little sharks.”

D. “You know, a thing about a shark, he’s got…lifeless eyes. Black eyes, like a doll’s eyes!”

Answer: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Bonus fact: First of all, the line was “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” not “we’re,” as it’s often misquoted. The line wasn’t in the original script but was an inside joke among the Jaws crew, teasing the stingy producers for picking a support boat that was too small to hold the equipment. Actor Roy Scheider ad-libbed the line throughout filming, but the one kept in the final cut became one of the most remembered movie quotes of all time.

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True or False: James Earl Jones voices Mufasa in 1994’s The Lion King

Answer: True

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A Harry Potter stunt double was paralyzed on the job. Which actor did the stunt double do stunts for?

A. Rupert Grint

B. Emma Watson

C. Alan Rickman

D. Daniel Radcliffe

Answer: Daniel Radcliffe

Bonus fact: David Holmes did the stunt doubles for Daniel Radcliffe in every Harry Potter movie, but an accident during a flying broomstick scene in the last movie left him paralyzed from the neck down. Radcliffe organized a celebrity charity auction to pay for his medical bills, and Holmes now runs a production company with two other quadriplegic friends.

What song plays in the tunnel scene in Perks of Being a Wallflower?

A. “Heroes” by David Bowie

B. “Imagine” by John Lennon

C. “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths

D. “High and Dry” by Radiohead

Answer: “Heroes” by David Bowie

True or false: Toto was paid more than the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz

Answer: True

Bonus fact: The Munchkin actors received $50 a week—which was a good wage at the time—while the dog earned $125 a week.

Who plays Captain Steven Hiller in 1996’s blockbuster movie Independence Day?

A. Will Smith

B. Samuel L. Jackson

C. Denzel Washington

D. Terry Crews

Answer: Will Smith

The set for which movie was buried underground for decades?

A. Nosferatu

B. The Ten Commandments

C. The Great Train Robbery

D. Stagecoach 

Answer: The Ten Commandments

Bonus fact: Cecil B. DeMille, director of the 1923 silent film The Ten Commandments, thought the movie set—including 21 Sphinx replicas—was too valuable to let other filmmakers get their hands on it. He figured it was cheaper to bury the set than to move it, and the artifacts remained underground near the California coast for 94 years before archaeologists found the 300-pound head in 2017.

Jack Nicholson In 'The Shining'

Jack Nicholson In 'The Shining'

Archive Photos/Getty Images

Who played Wendy Torrance in The Shining?

A. Cher

B. Shelley Duvall

C. Sissy Spacek

D. Linda Ronstadt

Answer: Shelley Duvall

Which was the first movie to show a toilet flushing?

A. Psycho

B. Citizen Kane

C. The Graduate 

D. Vertigo 

Answer: Psycho

Bonus fact: At the time, the Motion Picture Production Code banned flushing toilets because it was considered filthy. Psycho was a key to putting the censoring code to an end.

Which movie was Spike Lee’s first feature film?

A. She’s Gotta Have It 

B. Do The Right Thing 

C. School Daze

D. Malcolm X

Answer: She’s Gotta Have It 

True or false: In Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio intentionally cut his hand during a scene

Answer: False

Bonus fact: During one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s big scenes in Django Unchained, his racist rant is heightened when he slams down on a table and cuts his hand on a glass. It might look like special effects, but it wasn’t in the script. The actor really did hurt his hand without stopping the scene, and the blood you see is real.

Which word completes this quote from Apocalypse Now: “I love the smell of ___ in the morning.”

A. Surrender

B. Napalm

C. Gunfire

D. Victory

Answer: Napalm

Dracula was filmed in English during the day, and in what other language at night?

A. German

B. Swedish

C. French

D. Spanish

Answer: Spanish

Bonus fact: When the 1931 movie Dracula was being shot, it was common for foreign-language films to take over the set at night and shoot their own versions instead of dubbing over them later. The Spanish-language version—which used the same script and set—wrapped up in about half the time and earned way better reviews than its English-language counterpart.

What karaoke song does Cameron Diaz’s character sing in My Best Friend’s Wedding?

A. “I Just Don’t Know What I’d Do With Myself”

B. “I Will Always Love You”

C. “Stay”

D. “Could This Be Love”

Answer: “I Just Don’t Know What I’d Do With Myself”

True or false: Jimmy Stewart did not want to do It’s a Wonderful Life

Answer: True

Bonus fact: The lead actor had returned from spending 15 months in World War II combat as a pilot and was considering quitting acting. He initially said a film about suicide was the last thing the country (and he, as someone dealing with PTSD) needed, but he reluctantly agreed. It’s a Wonderful Live ended up re-launching his acting career.

Which actor plays Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan?

A. Tom Hanks

B. Vin Disel

C. Edward Burns

D. Matt Damon

Answer: Matt Damon

Who is the youngest person to win an Oscar?

A. Jennifer Lawrence

B. Mickey Rooney

C. Haley Joel Osment

D. Tatum O’Neal

Answer: Tatum O’Neal

Bonus fact: O’Neal was just 10 years old when she won the Oscar for Best Support Actress in 1974 for her performance in Paper Moon.

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True or false: Bradley Cooper’s first movie role was in 2005’s Wedding Crashers

Answer: False

Bonus fact: Cooper’s first movie role was actually in 2001’s Wet Hot American Summer. 

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Murray Close/Getty Images

What is the name of Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park?

A. Dr. Ian Malcolm

B. Dr. Malcolm Stevens

C. Dr. Evan Malcolm

D. Dr. Michael Ian

Answer: Dr. Ian Malcolm

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What is the highest-grossing movie of all time?

A. Titanic 

B. Avatar 

C. Avengers: Endgame 

D. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Answer: Avatar 

Corey Feldman And Jamison Newlander In 'The Lost Boys'

Corey Feldman And Jamison Newlander In 'The Lost Boys'

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Which movie was Corey Feldman not in?

A. Stand By Me

B. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

C. The Goonies

D. The Lost Boys

Answer: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Who was originally cast to voice Shrek?

A. Bill Murray

B. Chris Farley

C. David Spade

D. Chris Rock

Answer: Chris Farley

Bonus Fact: After Farley passed away, Nicholas Cage was considered for the role of the beloved green ogre but turned it down.

2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first met on the set of which film?

A. Hannah Montana: The Movie

B. The Last Song

C. The Hunger Games 

D. Safe Haven

Answer: The Last Song

Which is the first movie in the Bourne franchise?

A. The Bourne Legacy

B. The Bourne Supremacy 

C. Jason Bourne 

D. The Bourne Identity 

Answer: The Bourne Identity 

True or false: Mickey Mouse has five fingers

Answer: False—Mickey Mouse has four fingers.

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy Q&A

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy Q&A

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Which actor isn’t in Anchorman?

A. Paul Rudd

B. Seth Rogen

C. David Koechner

D. Adam Scott

Answer: Adam Scott

Bonus fun fact: Even though Scott wasn’t featured in this Will Ferrell movie, he does act alongside Ferrell in 2008’s Step Brothers.

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What are the names of the two people behind Ghostface in Scream?

A. Billy and Steve

B. Bobby and Stu

C. Bobby and Steve

D. Billy and Stu

Answer: Billy and Stu

Bruce Willis In 'Die Hard'

Bruce Willis In 'Die Hard'

Archive Photos/Getty Images

What year was the first Die Hard movie released?

A. 1986

B. 1988

C. 1990

D. 1991

Answer: 1988

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What are the names of the two people behind Ghostface in Scream?

A. Billy and Steve

B. Bobby and Stu

C. Bobby and Steve

D. Billy and Stu

Answer: Billy and Stu

2020 Winter TCA Tour - Day 7

2020 Winter TCA Tour - Day 7

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Which movie does not feature Catherine O’Hara?

A. Nothing Personal 

B. The Nightmare Before Christmas

C. Beetlejuice 

D. City of Angels 

Answer: City of Angels

Who plays the convenience store clerk seen at the beginning of Juno?

A. Bill Hader

B. Rainn Wilson

C. Andy Samberg

D. Jonah Hill

Answer: Rainn Wilson

Janet Gaynor and Frank Borzage with Academy Award

Janet Gaynor and Frank Borzage with Academy Award

Bettmann/Getty Images

True or false: The first Academy Awards were handed out in 1925

Answer: False.

Bonus fact: They were first handed out in 1929.

Which movie stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet as a broken up couple who seek to erase memories of one another?

A. Memories 

B. It Had to Be You

C. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

D. Equals

Answer: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What was the highest-grossing movie of 2005?

A. War of the Worlds

B. Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

C. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

D. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe 

Answer: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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92nd Annual Academy Awards - Show

92nd Annual Academy Awards - Show

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Which actress has the most Oscar wins?

A. Katharine Hepburn

B. Meryl Streep

C. Ingrid Bergman

D. Elizabeth Taylor

Answer: Katharine Hepburn

When was the first Mission: Impossible movie released?

A. 1993

B. 1996

C. 1997

D. 1999

Answer: 1996

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire Dancing

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire Dancing

Bettmann/Getty Images

How many movies did Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers do together?

A. 7

B. 9

C. 10

D. 12

Answer: 10

Bonus fact: They were first cast together in the 1933 movie Flying Down to Rio.

Who voices Lenny the shark in 2004’s Shark Tale?

A. Adam Sandler

B. Will Ferrell

C. Jack Black

D. Jimmy Fallon

Answer: Jack Black

What movie is this famous quote from: “You can’t handle the truth!”

A. Training Day

B. Saving Private Ryan

C. A Few Good Men

D. Armageddon

Answer: A Few Good Men

Netflix's "6 Underground" New York Premiere

Netflix's "6 Underground" New York Premiere

Jason Mendez/Getty Images

Which romantic movie does not feature Ryan Reynolds?

A. The Proposal

B. Definitely, Maybe

C. Just Friends 

D. He’s Just Not That Into You

Answer: He’s Just Not That Into You

Which character in The Godfather is nicknamed “The Turk”?

A. Emilio Barzini

B. Sonny Corleone

C. Virgil Sollozzo

D. Salvatore Tessio

Answer: Virgil Sollozzo

Which comedian makes a zombie cameo in Zombieland?

A. Dan Aykroyd

B. Chevy Chase

C. Steve Martin

D. Bill Murray

Answer: Bill Murray

Fredric March And Janet Gaynor In 'A Star Is Born'Archive Photos/Getty Images
Fredric March and Janet Gaynor in a scene from the film ‘A Star Is Born’, 1937.

How many times has A Star is Born, which was originally released in 1937, been remade?

A. 2 times

B. 3 times

C. 4 times

D. 5 times

Answer: 4 times

Bonus fact: Here is the list of remakes: The 1951 television adaptation starring Kathleen Crowley and Conrad Nagel, the 1954 movie starring Judy Garland and James Mason, the 1976 movie starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, and the 2018 movie starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Which actress plays Julia Child in Julia & Julia?

A. Meryl Streep

B. Diane Keaton

C. Jane Fonda

D. Joan Cusack

Answer: Meryl Streep

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Winona Ryder in "The House of the Spirits"

Winona Ryder in "The House of the Spirits"

Rolf Konow/Getty Images

Which movie does not feature Winona Ryder?

A. Lucas

B. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

C. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

D. Girl, Interrupted

Answer: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Which movie does not star Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore?

A. The Wedding Singer

B. Fever Pitch

C. Blended

D. 50 First Dates

Answer: Fever Pitch

Bonus fact: Barrymore actually does star in 2005’s Fever Pitch, but she stars opposite of Jimmy Fallon.

On the set of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

On the set of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Sunset Boulevard/Getty Images

True or false: Han Solo’s classic “I know” line in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was improvised by Harrison Ford

Answer: True

What was Tyler Perry’s first movie as Madea?

A. Madea’s Family Reunion 

B. Meet The Browns

C. Diary of a Mad Black Woman

D. Madea Goes To Jail

Answer: Diary of a Mad Black Woman

In Passengers, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star as voyagers to a new planet who awaken decades too early in their trip. Why does Lawrence’s character wake up?

A. Her hibernation pod malfunctions

B. The captain of the ship wakes her up so she can participate in an experiment with Pratt’s character

C. Pratt’s character wakes her up because he wants a companion

D. She has a medical emergency

Answer: Pratt’s character wakes her up because he wants a companion

Which phrase completes this famous quote from The Princess Bride: “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. ______.”

A. “And now, you will pay.”

B. “Face me now, coward.”

C. “Prepare to die.”

D. “Tell me, why?”

Answer: “Prepare to die.”

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On the set of The Nightmare Before Christmas

On the set of The Nightmare Before Christmas

Sunset Boulevard/Getty Images

Around how long did it take to make The Nightmare Before Christmas?

A. Two years

B. Three years

C. Five years

D. Six years

Answer: Three years

Don’t forget to test your holiday film knowledge with these Christmas movie trivia questions.

What’s the name of the planet Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker duel on in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith?

A. Hoth

B. Mustafar

C. Yavin

D. Tatooine

Answer: Mustafar

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Where was The Notebook filmed?

A. Savannah, Georgia

B. Wilmington, North Carolina

C. Richmond, Virginia

D. Charleston, South Carolina

Answer: Charleston, South Carolina

So, how many did you get right? If you want to keep the trivia train going, test your knowledge with this book trivia quiz.

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Killexams : CBSE Class 10 Maths Important Braindumps for 2023-23 : ALL Chapters

CBSE Class 10 Maths Important Questions and Answers:  In this article we have compiled the Important Questions with answers for Class 10 Maths board examinations 2023-23. These have been prepared for both Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Basic. The answers are also given for each chapter.

CBSE Class 10 Maths Important Braindumps for 2023-23: ALL Chapters

CBSE Class 10 Maths Important Questions and Answers:  In this article we have compiled the Important Questions for Class 10 Maths board examinations 2023-23. These important questions have been designed focusing on the latest changes in the syllabus, previous year paper patterns and the sample question paper for Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Basic published for the current academic year.  

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics curriculum consists of a theory written paper of 80 marks and internal assessment worth 20 marks. There are seven units in the syllabus wherein each unit encompasses several other sub-topics .

Let us have a look at the syllabus covered in the syllabus of CBSE Class 10 Mathematics:


Unit Name


























You can check the complete curriculum with the course content, question paper design, typology of questions and internal assessment details.

CBSE Class 10 Maths Syllabus 2023-23     

In the table below, we have linked the important questions with answers for each chapter in CBSE Class 10 Maths for 2023-23. Each article is prepared separately with various Multiple choice questions, Objective type questions, short answer questions for 2 marks, short answer questions for 3 marks, long answer questions and case study questions. 

You would notice that some chapters and syllabus have not been covered in the list of important Braindumps for CBSE Class 10 Maths 2023-23. This is because as per the rationalised syllabus some of these syllabus such as Chapter 11 Constructions and Areas of Triangles etc. have been removed from the syllabus for the 2023-23 board examination. 

CHECK CBSE Class 10 Maths DELETED Syllabus 2023-23

These questions have been prepared by subject experts after careful analysis of the syllabus, sample question paper, NCERT textbooks, previous year papers and other resources. Therefore, questions of such forms are more than likely to be asked in your examination. 

Hence, students should carefully practise these questions from each chapter to ensure best performance in the exam. 


CBSE Class 10 Maths sample Paper 2023 (Standard)

CBSE Class 10 Maths sample Paper 2023 (Basic)

Class 10 is one of the first deciding steps in a student’s academic life. It is important for students to provide their best performance here so that they step into their future with more confidence. Thus, these important questions will help the candidates prepare for not only the Maths board exams but also their future. 

All the best!

To boost your preparation for CBSE Class 10 board exams, our subject experts have curated for you these practice papers. 

CBSE Class 10 Mock Tests: All Subjects

Give this an attempt to analyse your strengths and weaknesses for the board exams.

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Killexams : Answer Angel: Repairs for a designer purse

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have a beautiful Bottega Veneta purse in need of repair. Do you know of anyone who does this kind of work? — Pat S.

Dear Pat: For an expensive bag like that, you’ll want a skilled shoe-repair expert. This is something an old-school repair shop can handle. An internet search will guide you to one near you. Also, you could contact Bottega Veneta customer support for guidance.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have heard recently that visible panty lines are back in style and men find them attractive. Especially when wearing athletic pants, what would you recommend? Spanx, thongs or just forgetting it all and going commando? While I want to be comfortable, I also want to feel sexy. Please help! — V.M.

Dear V.M.: Humans’ ideas of what’s sexy cover a lot of territory. You’re on you own on this one! It’s a very long list. Much easier to come up with a list of what’s not sexy.

People are also reading…

Angelic readers

My question asking you to tell me the must-haves you carry in your pocket and purse produced a huge number of responses — including some intriguing, unexpected ones:

Susan L.: “A chestnut. My Hungarian grandmother, who raised me, said it would ward off cancer. She lived to age 98 free of cancer. I’m 72. Who knows? Maybe it works. But in any case, it reminds me of her love.”

Alyce B.: “An olive-stuffer tool to put blue cheese in olives for a martini when a restaurant only has pimento ones.”

Teresa L.: “I never feel fully dressed without earrings and almost never forget to put them on. But that once-in-a-blue-moon I do happen to forget, it is so worth it to have them in my purse in a pinch! My recommendation: Choose an inexpensive pair that aren’t your favorite but that are neutral and presentable enough to throw on in an emergency.”

Bobbie W.: “My husband’s business card and my son’s business card. Their phone numbers circled. For emergency purposes. Never had to use them, but they make me feel safer.” From Ellen: You also can designate them as emergency contacts on your cellphone. Many states’ driver's license agencies maintain an emergency-contact database.

Karen W.: “McCormick Old Bay Seasoning. Couldn’t imagine enjoying seafood chowder at Cliffs of Mohr or fish and chips at Guinness in Dublin without it. I wish McCormick would develop a convenient travel size.”

Peggy E.: “A tiny half-ounce bottle of Visine eye drops because it takes almost no space and has saved me discomfort and looking like a red-eyed weirdo.”

Jody S.: “A ‘silver’ stone with the word ‘MIRACLE’ written on it. My husband is a leukemia survivor, and 20 years ago he had a bone marrow transplant, from a matched, unrelated donor. It was, and continues to be, a miracle. We are blessed every day.”

Ellen G.: “Chocolate. Once I was stuck in an elevator for three hours with four strangers. That box of wrapped chocolates helped us become friends and survive the ordeal.”

Karen: “Well actually, I’m like Betty White; I carry an extra pair of panties, because you never know if there might be an oversight!! Lol.”

And these: Plastic knife to cut when sharing an on-the-go meal (Marg B.). Auto-insurance card “in case the glove compartment is smashed in an accident” (Neil S.). Return-address stickers “for filling out forms, rebates and raffle tickets” (Sharon R.). Scissors or tool to cut seat belt in emergency; folding shopping bag (Lynn R.; Nina H.). Marie Sharp’s habanero hot sauce and spicy ghost pepper powder (Kristy S.). “My little black book with important phone numbers just in case I lose my phone or it crashes, which has happened before” (Gilda B.). Hearing aid No. 10 batteries and $2 bill (Cyndi M.). Band-Aids, hard candies, antacids and COVID vaccine card (and nine other things) (Laraine M.). Kool-Aid flavor drops to add to iced tea (Eleanor E.). Ear plugs (Liz J.). Tide to Go stain-remover pen (Judie R.). Extra-virgin olive oil (Kathryn J.).

Also: Rain hat and purse holder for the edge of the table (Gail T.). Swiss Army knife (Shelby B.). Mini packet of dissolvable soap (Jai W.). Extra coasters for cocktails (Roberta B.). Safety pin and granola bar (Sue D.). Lip balm, deodorant, hand lotion and mask (Lesley W.). Clothespins (“used as paper clip, chip-bag clip, mail, just about anything”) (Angela B.).

Send your questions and rants — on style, shopping, fashion, makeup and beauty — to

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Killexams : Theater

“Acts of Faith” at the Aurora Fox

If acting is reacting, then it might seem that a solo performer is robbed of something, someone concrete to respond to. And yet when a solo piece works well, it is a marvel.

The Aurora Fox production of playwright David Yee’s “Acts of Faith” – receiving its U.S. premiere – is that kind of feat.

Betty Hart plays Faith, a Zambian 13-year-old mistaken for a prophet for reasons that are too good to spoil here. Still, you should know this about the teenager: She likes to tell jokes with seemingly religious set-ups and clever punchlines. She learned that from her mother, whom she quotes. “Faith, the best way to get people to listen is to bless them with laughter.” And the beats and shifts of this one act are often signaled by a fresh joke.

Hart captures Faith’s youthful hamminess. The kid likes an audience and relates her tales with well-timed asides and wisecracks. But when things turn hard – and they do – Faith doesn’t become an unreliable narrator so much as a teenager who is telling and wrestling with the meaning of her story simultaneously.

When Faith’s devout Christian mother learns her daughter tricked people into believing she had performed a miracle, she can’t suppress her disappointment. Priests had told her mother she’d never get pregnant after two miscarriages, and Faith was her “miracle child.” Now, her mother’s friends and fellow parishioners in Kitwe agree that Faith is a miracle child because she’d performed one. Only she hadn’t.

Confession proves a central and rich conceit in “Acts of Faith.” The structure of solo performances dovetails nicely with the sense that the audience is being confided in.

The weight of her mother’s disappointment leads Faith to travel to a nearby city where she plans to confess her transgression. While visiting family, she attends a church where she’s struck by a vision: “Blond hair, short and kind of messy. Tan skin. But not farmer tan, like Hollywood tan. Piercing blue eyes. Nice toned arms. Big, powerful hands. A tattoo.” Surely, God means for Faith to confess her hoax to this visiting priest.

It is during confession to “Father Hot Stuff” that Faith’s sense of security and budding autonomy are betrayed. Yee handles what takes place between the priest and Faith with deft allusion – and turpentine. The smell of turpentine oil becomes a sickening sense memory.

What follows Faith’s assault is intricately plotted. Faith — the stuff of things not seen but also the stuff of familial bonds — becomes a pronounced theme. In the play’s final scenes, which find Faith living in Toronto, Yee boldly teases the meetings of fact and mystery, fate and agency.

The playwright wrote this one-act for Toronto’s Factory Theatre so it could be filmed during the pandemic. Brandon Case’s set for the Aurora Fox’s smaller Studio Theatre hews to that simplicity. Arched, stained-glass windows suggest grace and place. A long bench adjacent to the walls resembles a pew. Nothing on stage detracts from Hart’s performance, from Faith’s smart-alecky or disquieting revelations. Director Pesha Rudnick and Hart forge an unwavering intimacy between Faith and her listeners. Her journey is a thing to behold.

This is the final weekend of “Acts of Faith,” and you might consider rearranging your plans to catch it before Faith and her vital lessons vanish.

“Alma” at the Curious Theatre Company

Although the title of Benjamin Benne’s play might suggest that it, too, is a one-person show, “Alma” is very much a two-hander about what belonging means to an undocumented, single mother and her U.S. citizen teenager. As Alma and Angel, Laura Chavez and Iliana Lucero Barron bring a sweet and tart tension to the Curious Theatre Company production, directed by visiting artist Denise Evette Serna. It runs through Feb. 19.

Alma (Laura Chavez Angel, left) and 17-year-old daughter Angel (Iliana Lucero Barron) on the eve of the SATs in "Alma" by Benjamin Benne. (Photo courtesy of Mark Montour-Larson/Curious Theatre Company)
Alma (Laura Chavez Angel, left) and 17-year-old daughter Angel (Iliana Lucero Barron) on the eve of the SATs in “Alma” by Benjamin Benne. (Photo courtesy of Mark Montour-Larson/Curious Theatre Company)

The play takes place in the one-bedroom apartment that the two share in La Puende, Calif., east of Los Angeles. “Puende,” Alma reminds her daughter, means bridge. The name was one of the reasons she was attracted to and hopeful about the town.

For its 25th season, Curious has programmed plays that have asked – and offered different replies to – the question “What does it mean to be an American?” In a California apartment complex, the two women grapple with their own answers to that question.

It’s the night before Angel is supposed to take the SATs. Years earlier, Angel and Alma made a shared list of dreams and goals – 16 of them to be exact, plus a few later added amendments. One of the items on the list was Angel scoring 2400 on the college entrance exam. That the combined score of the test has since changed is something Angel points out a few times.

Another item on the list was that Angel would go to UC-Davis to study veterinary medicine. Angel is rethinking that, too. Yes, dreams change, shared goals diverge, especially those freighted ones parents harbor for their children.

When Alma arrives home eager to help her daughter with a flash-card deck, the teenager isn’t there. She should be studying. When Angel sneaks in, drunkenly, Alma has a gotcha moment. The director skillfully plies the play’s many notes of parent-teen humor: the fibs, the backtalk, the gentle guilt-tripping. The jabs and jests here have an extra layer of hurt because Alma and Angel don’t have equal status in the law.

That the play is set in December 2016 adds a special tension to what transpires. Having espoused anti-Mexican rhetoric during his campaign, Donald Trump will be sworn in as president in the next few weeks, a fact that weighs on Alma enough that she has consulted a friend’s immigration lawyer. (Early on, Angel smartly points out that Barack Obama was called the “deporter-in-chief” for a reason.)

The nasal drone of the president-elect emanates from the television set. But a National Geographic show about elephants also figures in, bringing with it questions of mourning and memory. At times, the TV set seems to have a mind of its own. The sky outside the apartment window is also treated as a character rife with meaning.

With projections and sound design by El Armstrong, the play utilizes faint magical-realist gestures. The blare coming from the TV emphasizes the too-riven politics of immigration and borders; the expanse of the nighttime sky reframes questions of time and borders and being human.

But even with that sky turning from orange to starry and evoking the cosmos, “Alma” traverses the playful and the serious of two souls navigating their place and time. Over the evening, mother and daughter reformulate their relationship to each other. They share and bicker. When Alma resorts to la chancla (a flip-flop) to discipline Angel, the play flip-flops the gesture, turning it into something tender and knowingly humorous. But when each woman weeps – for overlapping reasons and at different moments – their tears remind us that so much is at stake for Alma, Angel and the country in which they live and love.

If you go

“Acts of Faith”: Written by David Yee. Directed by Pesha Rudnick. Featuring Betty Hart. Through Sunday, Feb. 5, at the Aurora Fox Arts Center’s Studio Theatre, 9900 East Colfax Ave., Aurora. Tickets and info: and 303-739-1970.

“Alma”: Written by Benjamin Benne. Directed by Denise Evette Serna. Featuring Laura Chavez and Iliana Lucero Barron. Through Feb. 18 at the Curious Theatre Company, 1080 Acoma St. Tickets and info and 303-623-0524.

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Killexams : Google now wants to answer your questions without links and with AI. Where does that leave publishers?

Feb. 7, 2023, 11:51 a.m.

A dozen years ago, Eric Schmidt forecast the AI pivot that’s playing out this week. And the questions it prompts — around the link economy, fair use, and aggregation — are more real than ever.

If you stick around long enough, even the most exotic future turns into the present.

At least that’s what I thought when I remembered an old piece I wrote here at Nieman Lab all the way back in 2011 — one that seems newly relevant today.

It was about an on-stage interview that then-Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt gave to Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at what was then the annual All Things Digital conference. They cover a lot of then-hot topics, from Google losing to Facebook on “the friend thing” to whether it should buy Twitter. But there’s one stretch that stood out, then and now, as having outsized importance to news companies.

Mossberg started out by ragging on the declining quality of Google’s search results:

Speaking as a consumer, I find my Google search results to be more and more polluted with junk that I don’t want to see or that doesn’t seem relevant.

Is your basic algorithmic approach — which was so successful and so different from everybody else, in PageRank — still the right way to go?

Or is there some opportunity for somebody to come in and do to you what you did to Altavista?

(Altavista being the web’s leading search engine circa 1998, before Google ate its lunch.)

Schmidt defends the quality of Google’s results, but then pivots:

But the other thing that we’re doing that’s more strategic is we’re trying to move from answers that are link-based to answers that are algorithmically based, where we can actually compute the right answer. And we now have enough artificial intelligence technology and enough scale and so forth that we can, for example, provide you — literally compute the right answer.

Anything sound familiar there? Google has built an empire by “polluting” its search results with ads. Its defenses may seem impenetrable, but it has one potential point of weakness: a competitor who’d be able to provide users answers rather than links to websites that might have answers.

At 1 p.m. ET today, Microsoft is holding a press event at which it is expected to unveil a new version of its search engine, Bing, that incorporates ChatGPT, the fairly astonishing conversational, generative AI unveiled late last year. If a leaked version is to be believed, the new Bing is built around this promise: “Ask real questions. Get complete answers.” Along with traditional search results, you’ll also be able to chat with “your AI-powered answer engine.” The new Bing is part of Microsoft’s massive $10 billion investment into ChatGPT’s maker, OpenAI.

Google could see this coming, of course, so it tried to get ahead of the news yesterday by announcing its own AI-powered chatbot, Bard. It’s available to “trusted testers” now, becoming “more widely available to the public in the coming weeks.”

(Amusingly enough, even back in that 2011 interview, it was Bing that Mossberg argued was already ahead of Google in giving direct answers to search queries. Schmidt even agreed, “in some narrow cases.”)

This is all extraordinarily exciting stuff — the most important shift in consumer technology since the iPhone, I’d wager. In my nearly 30 years on the Internet, I’ve never been less confident predicting what it’ll all look like in a year or two. Will these new interfaces simply mean a modest improvement in 5% or 10% of our search requests? Or will AI become the dominant way we interact with information online? At the rate of improvement we’re seeing — “the scale of the largest AI computations is doubling every six months, far outpacing Moore’s Law” — putting any cap on the possibilities feels perilous.

But there’s a more narrow matter, of interest to the news business, that we can foresee. Right now, in lieu of those direct “answers,” Google sends a lot of traffic to news sites — more than any other external source by far. Newsrooms spend time and money figuring out a lot of those answers, and the reward they’ve traditionally reaped for them has been web traffic, monetized through ads.

But the more questions Google answers without a click, the less traffic those “answering” news sites will get. Less traffic means fewer ad impressions, which means lower revenue.

As I put it back in 2011:

The kind of shift Schmidt is talking about — from “link-based” to “algorithmically based” — could have a big impact on publishers in the business of providing answers to searchers’ questions. And not just the Demand Medias of the world who are attached at the neck to search — traditional publishers too.

In 2011, these were the sort of questions that Google felt confident enough to answer without a link. They were all based on structured data, mostly hard numbers.

But even then, it was clear that their range would grow:

For now, Google’s ability to answer questions directly is bound by the sorts of things its algorithms can know. But they’ll get smarter — and Schmidt’s comments make clear it’s a strategic goal of the company to ensure they get smarter. So imagine a point in the near future where Google can provide direct answers to questions like:

What time is Modern Family on?

Who are the Republicans running for president?

What red blouses are on sale at Macy’s?

Who’s the backup left tackle for the New Orleans Saints?

Modern Family is long gone, but Google will tell you directly when Abbott Elementary is on. And it’s happy to let Macy’s buy some ad space to talk about their red blouses. But it’ll still rely on links for G.O.P. candidates and the Saints offensive line.

ChatGPT, in its current public form, isn’t connected to the open internet and is only trained on information up to 2021, so it isn’t great on current events. (A rival generative AI, from Anthropic, tried to tell me Terron Armstead plays tackle for the Saints. Alas, if only.) But both Google and Microsoft have said their bots will be able to draw on the entire web, in real time — so their results will likely be strong.

Let’s go back to 2011 for a minute. Things like TV schedules, team rosters, and announced presidential candidates are still structured data — the sort of thing that didn’t seem too far out of reach even then. But what about the next level of difficulty?

And imagine, further down the line, that Google’s AI improves to the point where it can answer questions like these:

Did Dallas city council approve that zoning change last night?

Was the stimulus package too small to be effective?

What’s going to replace the Space Shuttle program?

Which is Terrence Malick’s best movie?

Did Osama bin Laden really use his wife as a human shield?

Is the new My Morning Jacket album any good?

Some of those are complex enough that Google probably wouldn’t be able to provide a single definitive answer, the way it can with a database of census data. But it’s not hard to imagine it could provide a Metacritic-like look at the summary critical opinion of the My Morning Jacket record, or an analysis of customer reviews of Malick’s DVDs at Amazon. It could dip into the growing sea of public data about government activity to tell you what happened at city council (and maybe figure out which parts of the agenda were important, based on news stories, community bloggers, and social media traffic). It could gather up articles from high-trust news and government sources on NASA and algorithmically combine them into just as much info as the searcher wants. It’s a shift in the focus of Google’s judgment; websites shift from competitors to be ranked against each other to data sources to be diced and analyzed to figure out an answer.

I asked each of those questions to ChatGPT this morning. It…did pretty well. It nailed these two:

What’s going to replace the Space Shuttle program?

The Space Shuttle program was officially retired in 2011 and was replaced by the Commercial Crew Program. The Commercial Crew Program is a NASA initiative aimed at outsourcing the design, development, and operation of spacecraft for human space transportation to low Earth orbit. The program was created to provide reliable and safe access to the International Space Station (ISS) for both NASA astronauts and international partners.

The two companies that were selected to participate in the program are Space and Boeing. SpaceX’s spacecraft, the Crew Dragon, has already completed multiple successful missions to the IS, and Boeing’s spacecraft, the CST-100 Starliner, is currently in the testing and certification phase

These new spacecraft are designed to be more cost-effective and efficient compared to the Space Shuttle, and they are expected to provide reliable and safe transportation for astronauts to the ISS for many years to come.

Did Osama bin Laden really use his wife as a human shield?

Yes, reports indicate that Osama bin Laden used his wife as a human shield during the raid on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2, 2011. According to the official account of the raid, bin Laden’s wife, Amal al-Sadah, was shot in the leg as she was used as a shield by bin Laden in an attempt to protect himself. The incident was reported by various news sources, including US government officials, and was later confirmed in the investigation of the raid.

It was useful, if equivocal, on these:

Which is Terrence Malick’s best movie?

Terrence Malick is a highly regarded filmmaker, and his works are often considered some of the best in the industry. It is subjective to name one specific film as his “best”, as it depends on personal taste and interpretation. However, some of his most highly acclaimed works include:

• “The Tree of Life” (2011)
• “Badlands” (1973)
• “Days of Heaven” (1978)

These films are often cited as some of the best in his filmography, and they showcase his unique style, beautiful cinematography, and themes of nature and spirituality.

Was the stimulus package too small to be effective?

The effectiveness of the stimulus package is a matter of debate and depends on various economic, political, and social factors. Some economists argue that the stimulus package was too small to have a significant impact on the economy, as it did not provide enough support to those who were most affected by the economic downturn.

Others argue that the size of the stimulus package was appropriate given the constraints of the political and economic environment at the time. They argue that the package provided enough support to help stabilize the economy and prevent it from collapsing further, while also providing funding for important infrastructure projects and programs that helped create jobs and stimulate growth.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of the stimulus package is difficult to quantify and measure, and it depends on a variety of factors and perspectives.

ChatGPT didn’t know what the “latest” My Morning Jacket album is, so I asked it specifically about their most accurate release as of 2011:

Is the album “Circuital” by My Morning Jacket good?

“Circuital” is the sixth studio album by My Morning Jacket, released in 2011. The album received generally positive reviews from music critics, who praised its mix of eclectic musical styles and the band’s ability to craft compelling and atmospheric songs.

Many fans of the band consider “Circuital” to be one of the strongest albums in their discography, and it is often praised for its cohesive sound and memorable songs. The album was also well-received commercially, reaching the top 30 on the Billboard 200 chart and earning positive reviews from many well-known music publications.

Ultimately, whether or not “Circuital” is a good album is subjective and depends on personal taste. If you are a fan of My Morning Jacket’s music or enjoy a mix of rock, alternative, and psychedelic influences, it is worth checking out.

(“Cohesive sound and memorable songs” is some pretty non-specific praise, it should be noted, and the album actually hit No. 5 on the Billboard 200, not “just” the top 30.)

The last question — “Did Dallas city council approve that zoning change last night?” — is one ChatGPT can’t currently answer, being informationally stuck in 2021. But again, Google and Microsoft won’t have that problem. And for local news organizations, tech companies’ ability to get questions like that right will be critical. Local information, gathered by local reporters, can be exceptionally valuable in the right contexts. Will search engines be able to ingest that knowledge and chat it back out to users without sending even a pageview the publisher’s way?

The debates (and lawsuits) around the ethics of AI-generated images ask similar questions. (Though training an image AI to learn the style of an artist seems distinct from training a chat AI to take specific facts from a publication. “How do you write a city council story?” ≠ “What did city council do last night?”) Does this sort of amalgamation differ, legally or ethically, from the indexing of content that search engines have always done? As publishers around the world have sought hush money, er, I mean compensation from Google, the company’s reply has been simple: But we send you all this traffic! Does the conversation change as that becomes decreasingly true? Or will Google, seeing that risk, decide to focus on the more strategic universe of non-local information, reasoning the legal and PR risks are lower when you’re summarizing Wikipedia than The Hometown Gazette?

Who knows? Not me. 2011 me didn’t know either:

These things aren’t right around the corner — they quickly get to be really complicated AI problems. But they all point to the fact that Google is working hard to reduce the number of times searchers need to leave to get answers to their questions. For all the times that Google has said it’s not in the content business, it’s not hard to imagine a future where its mission to “organize the world’s information” goes way beyond spidering and linking and into algorithmically processing for answers instead of PageRank.

That — much more than news organizations’ previous complaints about Google — could put real pressure on the business models of news websites. It challenges ideas of how to navigate the link economy and what concepts like search engine optimization, fair use, and aggregation mean. And it sure looked like Schmidt pointed the way last night.

A dozen years later, all these questions are becoming more than rhetorical.

Illustration — because we live in an irony-free zone — by Midjourney AI.
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