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SNIA Storage Networking Management & Administration
SNIA Administration PDF Download
Killexams : SNIA Administration PDF get - BingNews Search results Killexams : SNIA Administration PDF get - BingNews Killexams : CBSE Class 10 Japanese Syllabus 2022-23: get complete curriculum in PDF

CBSE Class 10 Japanese Syllabus 2022-23: Students beginning their prep for CBSE board exams can view the latest syllabus of Japanese language course for students of class 10 Japanese and get PDF here.

 CBSE Class 10 Japanese Syllabus 2022-23: get complete curriculum in PDF

CBSE Class 10 Japanese Syllabus 2022-23: The latest syllabus of Japanese language course for students of class 10 Japanese is available for students beginning their prep. 

Japanese is a foreign language that Indians, in general, consider difficult because it follows a very different script, syntax, grammar and linguistic and cultural nuances. However, the raw and bright minds of adolescents and teenagers can grasp complex concepts with a lot of ease, comparatively. 

Let us now check the Japanese langyage curriculum for CBSE Class 10:

You would notice that both MCQs and Descriptive questions are asked for 40 marks each.

CBSE Class 10 Japanese Syllabus 2022-23:  get complete curriculum in PDF

Students should pay attention that assessment will be focused on cohesion and construction. No marks for use of coorect grammar use or varied vocabulary and no deductions for spelling mistakes as well. This is because foreign language courses are focused on building a primary base of learning for the students and practicality.


There are 3 areas of internal assessments, namely:

  • A – Periodic Tests have a Total Weightage of 10 out of 20
  • B - Notebook Submission carries a Total Weightage of 05 out of 20
  • C –Subject Enrichment Activity encompass a Total Weightage of 05 out of 20

Let's view them in more detail.

CBSE Class 10 Japanese Syllabus 2022-23:  get complete curriculum in PDF


Stay tuned to Jagran Josh for more content related to CBSE Class 10 board exams 2022-23.

Best of luck to all the candidates.

Students can also get the subject-wise curriculum for all subjects from the links mentioned in the table below:

When is CBSE Class 10 Japanese exam 2022-23?

CBSE had mentioned earlier that board examinations for class 10 students are likely to commence from 15th February, 2023. Official datesheet is likely to be released in December 2022.

Does CBSE have Japanese language?

Yes. CBSE offers various foreign language course to its students right from class 6. Japanese is also one of the foreign languages offered to CBSE students.

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Killexams : Department of Public Administration

Apply Now for Spring 2023!

Our mission is to Improve the quality of life for all in local communities by strengthening professional and ethical public and nonprofit management through our teaching, scholarship and community engagement. As part of the School of Public and Global Affairs (SPGA), we offer graduate courses in public administration to enhance the knowledge, skills and leadership capacity of individuals pursuing public service careers.

Top-ranked Flexible Programs

The NIU Master of Public Administration program is an excellent choice if you are looking to advance your career in the field of public administration. Our M.P.A. degree program outranks all other public and private institutions in Illinois, as well as many other schools nationwide, according to U.S. News & World Report:

  • 3rd in the nation for Local Government Management
  • 14th in Public Finance and Budgeting
  • 49th in overall public affairs by U.S. News & World Report

We also offer our M.P.A. degree online, making it convenient to access our outstanding curriculum. With our flexibility and excellent reputation, it comes as no surprise that one-third of all city and county managers in Illinois are alumni of our program.

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Killexams : Biden administration proposes rule that could reclassify gig workers

Uber's stock dropped Tuesday as investors saw higher costs for workers' benefits in the administration's plan to reclassify gig workers. Eva Marie Uzcategui/AFP via Getty Images

Shares of Uber, Lyft and DoorDash rebounded somewhat Wednesday after a pretty ugly day Tuesday. The stock of all three “gig” companies plummeted following the Biden administration’s announcement of a proposed rule that could lead to millions of Americans, including drivers for ride-hailing and delivery services, being classified as workers and not as independent contractors.

While still just a proposal, it would be a big shift if enacted.

Washington should be involved in setting standards for how gig workers are classified, said Patricia Campos-Medina, executive director of the Worker Institute at Cornell. Up until now, she said, the federal government has “failed to keep up with the regulations that are needed to meet the changes in the economy.”

Campos-Medina said the rules for gig companies have been largely set by cities and states.

Take California, which has resorted to a patchwork of legislation, court rulings, even a referendum to regulate how the industry classifies workers.

Campos-Medina said having the federal government take initiative matters.

“It raises the standards for everybody,” she said, “for every worker” in a way that many labor activists say is long overdue on other issues like raising the federal minimum wage, which Congress hasn’t done in more than a decade.

Flex, a group that represents eight companies in the ride-hailing and delivery industry, is currently reviewing the government’s approach to refining the status of workers, according to its CEO, Kristin Sharp.

“We’re cautiously optimistic that the proposed rule, if enacted as is, which may or may not be the case, wouldn’t result in significant impact to our member companies’ operations,” she said.

Companies like Uber and Lyft have said reclassifying drivers as workers would require them to change their business models because of rising costs from new benefits and protections for workers.

Any change wouldn’t just affect workers at gig companies, according to Veena Dubal, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of the Law. It could also impact those “in low-wage sectors that are primarily occupied by immigrants and racial minorities,” including construction, farm, domestic and janitorial work.

Dubal said the Biden administration’s proposal is a start, but doesn’t go far enough.

With the

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Killexams : CBSE Class 12 Psychology Syllabus 2022-23: get The Revised Curriculum in PDF

Download CBSE Class 12 Psychology Syllabus 2022-2023 in PDF. Check the revised syllabus on Jagran Josh to know the latest course structure and examination scheme for the 2022-2023 CBSE Class 12 board examination.

CBSE Class 12 Psychology Syllabus 2022-23 has been released for the current academic year. The board examinations are likely to commence from the coming month of February in 2023. The detailed date sheet is likely to be out in December. Students, this is the right time to start preparing for the board exam with the help of the syllabus. 

With the help of the CBSE Class 12 Psychology, students will be able to appreciate human mind and behaviour in the context of their society and environment, the nature of psychological knowledge and its application to various aspects of life.  

Below you will find the latest syllabus released by the board and the link to get it directly from Jagran Josh.


CLASS XII (2022-2023)

Theory Paper

3 Hours                                                                                                                                                                Marks: 70



UNIT 1: Variations in Psychological Attributes

The Topics in this unit are:

  1. Introduction
    2. Individual Differences in Human Functioning
    3. Assessment of Psychological Attributes
    4. Intelligence
    5. Psychometric Theories of Intelligence, Information Processing Theory: Planning, Attention-arousal and Simultaneous successive Model of Intelligence, Triarchic Theory of Intelligence; Theory of Multiple Intelligences.
    6. Individual Differences in Intelligence
    7. Culture and Intelligence
    8. Emotional Intelligence
    9. Special Abilities: Aptitude: Nature and Measurement

UNIT 2: Self and Personality 

The Topics in this unit are:

  1. Introduction
    2. Self and Personality
    3. Concept of Self
    4. Cognitive and Behavioural aspects of Self
    5. Culture and Self
    6. Concept of Personality
    7. Major Approaches to the Study of Personality
     a. Type Approaches
     b. Trait Approaches
     c. Psychodynamic Approach and Post Freudian
    a. Behavioural Approach
    b. Cultural Approach
    c. Humanistic Approach
    8. Assessment of Personality
    a. Self-report Measures
    b. Projective Techniques
    c. Behavioural Analysis

UNIT 3: Meeting Life Challenges

The Topics in this unit are:

  1. Introduction
    2. Nature, Types and Sources of Stress
    3. Effects of Stress on Psychological Functioning and Health
    a. Stress and Health
    b. General Adaptation Syndrome
    c. Stress and Immune System
    d. Lifestyle
    4. Coping with Stress
    a. Stress Management Techniques
    5. Promoting Positive Health and Well-being
    a. Life Skills
    b. Positive Health

UNIT 4: Psychological Disorders 

The Topics in this unit are:

  1. Introduction
    2. Concepts of Abnormality and Psychological Disorders
    A. Historical Background
    3. Classification of Psychological Disorders
    4. Factors Underlying Abnormal Behaviour
    5. Major Psychological Disorders
    Anxiety Disorders
    A. Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders
    B. Trauma-and Stressor-Related Disorders
    C. Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders
    D. Dissociative Disorders
    E. Depressive Disorder
    F. Bipolar and Related Disorders
    G. Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders
    H. Neurodevelopmental Disorders
    I. Disruptive, Impulse-Control and Conduct Disorders
    J. Feeding and Eating Disorders
    K. Substance Related and Addictive Disorders

UNIT 5: Therapeutic Approaches

The Topics in this unit are:

  1. Nature and Process of psychotherapy
    a. Therapeutic relationship
    2. Types of Therapies
    a. Behaviour Therapy
    b. Cognitive Therapy
    c. Humanistic-Existential Therapy
    d. Alternative Therapies
    e. Factors contributing to healing in Psychotherapy
    f. Ethics in Psychotherapy
    3. Rehabilitation of the Mentally Ill

UNIT 6: Attitude and Social Cognition

The Topics in this unit are:

  1. Introduction
    2. Explaining Social Behaviour
    3. Nature and Components of Attitudes
    4. Attitude Formation and Change
    a. Attitude Formation
    b. Attitude Change
    c. Attitude-Behaviour Relationship
    5. Prejudice and Discrimination
    6. Strategies for Handling Prejudice

UNIT 7: Social Influence and Group Processes

The Topics in this unit are:

  1. Introduction
    2. Nature and Formation of Groups
    3. Type of Groups
    4. Influence of Group on Individual Behaviour
    A. Social Loafing
    B. Group Polarisation

While the final theory paper is conducted only for 70 marks, the other 30 marks are allotted to practicals.

The syllabus for Practicals is as follows:


Meanwhile, you can also check:

CBSE Class 12 ALL trial Question Papers in PDF 2022-23

Now, let us check the question paper design for CBSE Class 12 Psychology 2022-23 based on which you would understand what are the kinds of questions asked from different units.


In case you are worried about the spending time, money and energy on finding the right books to ace this course, we have got you covered. NCERT textbooks are the only prescribed books. Of course, you can also take other resources for more knowledge and information, in accordance to your interests.

Prescribed Books:

  1. Psychology, Class XI, Published by NCERT
  2. Psychology, Class XII, Published by NCERT

Note: The above textbooks are also available in Hindi medium.

Best of luck to all the candidates.

Also check:

CBSE Class 12 subject-wise syllabus in PDF format

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Killexams : Pakistan At T20 World Cup 2022: Schedule, Match Details, Squads And Schedule PDF Download
Pakistan At T20 World Cup 2022: Schedule, Match Details, Squads And Schedule PDF Download

Pakistan is all set to compete under the leadership of Babar Azam. They are currently competing in a triangular series with New Zealand and Bangladesh. Pakistan lost a seven-match T20 home series against England before this in the build-up.

The biggest concern for Pakistan would be their out-of-form middle order and currently inconsistent skipper Babar Azam. Mohammad Rizwan, the no.1 T20I batter is the only silver lining as he is consistently playing match-winning knocks for his side. Pakistan would play two warm-up games before their super-12 opener against arch rivals India


Date Match Venue Time
17th October Warm-up vs England Gabba – Brisbane 1:30 PM
19th October Warm-up vs Afghanistan Gabba – Brisbane 8:30 AM
23rd October Vs India MCG – Melbourne 1:30 PM
27th October Vs Group B Winner Optus Stadium – Burswood 4:30 PM
30th October Vs Group A Runner-up Optus Stadium – Burswood 12:30 PM
3rd November Vs South Africa SCG – Sydney 1:30 PM
6th November Vs Bangladesh Oval – Adelaide 9:30 AM

Pakistan T20 World Cup 2022 Squad

Pakistan’s Squad: Babar Azam (c), Shadab Khan, Asif Ali, Haider Ali, Haris Rauf, Iftikhar Ahmed, Khushdil Shah, Mohammad Hasnain, Mohammad Nawaz, Mohammad Rizwan, Mohammad Wasim, Naseem Shah, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Shan Masood, Usman Qadir.

Standby Players: Fakhar Zaman, Mohammad Haris, Shahnawaz Dahani.

You can get the PDF of Pakistan’s schedule at T20 World Cup here

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Killexams : Biden-Harris Administration aims to close racial wealth gap

This week, Vice President Kamala Harris announced several actions that the Biden-Harris administration has taken to ensure that financial lenders are sending resources to underserved small businesses in their communities while speaking at the U.S. Department of the Treasury Freedman’s Bank Forum in Washington, D.C.

Vice President Kamala Harris
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks during the Freedman’s Bank Forum in the Cash Room at the Treasury Department on October 04, 2022 in Washington, DC. According to the department, the forum is focused on “efforts to increase economic opportunity and growth for communities of color and address the persistent drivers of the racial wealth divide.” (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

More than 100 people attended the forum on Tuesday to hear the administration’s new efforts to “advance racial equity.” 

“Black entrepreneurs are three times more likely to report they did not apply for a loan for fear of being turned away by a bank,” said Harris.

She added, “Black and Latino homeowners are rejected by traditional financial institutions at a higher rate when applying for home loans.” 

Due to the disparities minorities face when compared to their white counterparts, the vice president said that she and President Joe Biden collaborated with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, D-Calif., “to invest $12 billion in community lenders…that predominantly do business in overlooked and underserved communities.”

Earlier this year, the administration also launched the Economic Opportunity Coalition, which is comprised of more than 20 private-sector organizations that have committed to investing more than $1 billion into minority and rural communities.

“We see that people in our country are having an experience that is not equal and that’s why we talk about equity, because we recognize not everybody starts out on the same base,” said Harris. “They don’t start out in the same place, even though they have the same God-given capacity.”

Allan Boomer, a managing partner at Momentum Advisors, one of the largest Black-owned wealth management firms in the U.S., told theGrio, that, “The [racial] wealth gap is massive. It won’t close overnight and no matter what you do to try to close it, it’s not enough.”

He added, “I say that as a preface because I think many will criticize this plan and say it’s not enough. I will say it differently. At least it’s something … I do think that it could be better, but I think everything in it is solid. I just think that it doesn’t go far enough.”

During the forum, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge delivered remarks and unveiled ways in which the Biden-Harris administration plans to close the racial wealth gap in the U.S. 

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge speaks during the Freedman’s Bank Forum in the Cash Room at the Treasury Department on October 04, 2022 in Washington, DC. According to the department, the forum is focused on “efforts to increase economic opportunity and growth for communities of color and address the persistent drivers of the racial wealth divide.” (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Fudge said in order to help “communities that have long been burdened by structural racism,” HUD is expanding “access to homeownership and opportunity” for minorities. 

She added, “Student loans can also be a profound impact on people’s ability to qualify for a mortgage. That is why we have neutralized it so that it does not prevent hardworking people from …becoming a homeowner.” 

While Boomer believes it can be “hard for the government to identify a specific race of people and do things for them,” he believes the Biden-Harris administration should hone in on the Black community and close the racial wealth gap through homeownership.

“The real wealth gap is between Black folks and white folks,” he said, arguing that, at this time, the focus should not include other minority groups if the goal is to eradicate the racial wealth gap. 

Boomer explained, “For decades it was redlining that not only restricted our access to certain neighborhoods, it also greatly reduced and eliminated our ability to obtain mortgages. 

“So you can’t get a mortgage you don’t have access to the American dream,” he added.

The Biden-Harris administration will “help a lot of folks” with its financial equity plan, he said, “but it’s not necessarily all going towards the folks who need it the most.”

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Killexams : Influencers with Andy Serwer: Sonia Cheng

In this episode of Influencers, Andy is joined by Rosewood Hotel Group CEO, Sonia Cheng, for a discussion about the challenges of hospitality business.

Video Transcript


ANDY SERWER: In this episode of "Influencers," Rosewood hotels CEO, Sonia Chang.

SONIA CHENG: Hospitality has always been my passion. It's in my family's blood. We have an aligned vision of really pushing boundaries and in the hotel industry. We are reaching levels that we've never seen before, even pre-COVID.


ANDY SERWER: Hello, everyone and welcome to "Influencers." I'm Andy Serwer. And welcome to our guest, Sonia Cheng, CEO of the Rosewood Hotel Group. Sonia, nice to see you.

SONIA CHENG: Nice to see you, Andy.

ANDY SERWER: Thanks so much for joining us from Hong Kong. You have a really fascinating job and just an incredible hotel company with incredible properties, such as the Hotel de Crillon, The Carlyle in New York, Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Little Dix, Silicon Valley and Sand Hill Road, all those properties. Having said that, there are other luxury brand hotels out there as well, and I'm wondering what you think really differentiates Rosewood versus some of those other luxury names?

SONIA CHENG: So Rosewood, what's so special about Rosewood is it's a sense of place philosophy. So globally, we operate 30 properties around the world and every property has its own personality. Its philosophy is to celebrate local culture, its history, really bringing in that sense of place into the hotel so that all our travelers that come to the hotel can experience the beauty of that city. And so every property is carefully curated, really personalized, and really, it's a very special collection. So it's not, I wouldn't call it a chain, it's really a very special collection of beautiful hotels and landmark properties around the world.

ANDY SERWER: Given that each one of the properties is so differentiated, Sonia, how do you oversee such a diverse group a portfolio like this?

SONIA CHENG: Well, first of all, we have an amazing team. They are around the world. They're very talented, very passionate in the hospitality businesses, very creative, and we have an aligned vision of really pushing boundaries in the hotel industry. So we take a very thoughtful approach every time we open a hotel.

And we studied the market, we understand what the consumers are looking for each market, and we're very involved from the beginning of the design process, understanding what our target audience are looking for, curating every experience from culinary to wellness to the guest experience in the room. And also it's important for us to be immersed in that culture and to bring in those cultural experiences in every touchpoint and throughout the journey. So we don't open that many hotels every year. We carefully select the properties to make sure that every property is really special and certainly a landmark for that destination.

ANDY SERWER: How many properties do you have right now and how many are you planning to open up, say, over the next 12 months? And what is that trajectory like versus before COVID? And we'll talk about COVID, of course, in particular, but just where does the business stand versus, say, 2019?

SONIA CHENG: So for the Rosewood brand, we operate 30 hotels around the world in 18 countries. And we've announced 24 projects that are in the pipeline at the moment. And surprisingly, while COVID has a significant impact on the hospitality industry, we have experienced tremendous growth in our pipeline in the last two years. Developers and owners in the hospitality space continue to be quite confident in the outlook of the hotel industry and continue to invest in hotels and looking to partner with Rosewood in developing more Rosewoods around the world. So actually, the last two years, we have record high signings of new hotels in the pipeline.

ANDY SERWER: So take me back to March of 2020, though, and as the pandemic unfolded, how did you respond and how did you guys survive over, say, those two critical years?

SONIA CHENG: So it was certainly a very challenging time. I think it was an unprecedented time for all of us in the hotel industry. We did not prepare for it. And so we reacted very quickly.

The key to addressing this crisis is to be very flexible. We immediately take care of our associates, number one. Number two, we address key concerns of our consumers, our guests, and took a very flexible approach in the hotel to make sure that all the health and hygiene standards are there. We take into considerations what our guests are looking for to ensure that it is a safe and an exclusive environment that they feel safe to stay in.

And also, we react very quickly in terms of different markets and market needs. So for example, Rosewood Hong Kong, we pivoted very quickly, the business to staycation. So we were the first hotel in Hong Kong to launch a staycation program, because everyone in Hong Kong couldn't travel abroad. So we basically turned the hotel into an urban resort where we launched kids program, a summer program where the local residents can use our hotel as a vacation spot, and that was really successful.

And then we was an industry leader in implementing staycation. As well, we noticed during COVID, the trend of consumers looking for more privacy, exclusivity. So there's an uptick in staying in bigger villas. We developed much more curated and personalized experience in our residences and our villas. So I think the key is we maintain significant and constant communication with our team around the world so that we're able to address concerns of our associates and the organization as well as the consumers very quickly.

ANDY SERWER: So I imagine you took some of those learnings and you actually kept going with those things, right? Has that been the case?

SONIA CHENG: Absolutely. So I think over COVID, the revelation is that some of the consumers' behavior has changed. They are more focused on personalized experience, number one, they care about their own well-being, they care about lifestyle, they love to travel, they miss travel, so there's a significant pent up demand, and it also allows us to discover a new territory of, how do we bring Rosewood to their home? So we actually ramped up our digital transformation.

We are developing, we are pivoting our strategy of developing Rosewood to be beyond just a luxury hotel leader, but we want it to be a comprehensive lifestyle leader, where we are diversifying our portfolio. We launched Asaya during that time, a complete holistic wellness concept that really takes care of our consumers, not just in a traditional hotel spa. We launched our private membership concept in Hong Kong called Carlyle & Co. where it gives a safe space, an exclusive space for private members.

We also ramp up our offerings and our development on Rosewood Residences. So 50% of our Rosewood portfolio has Rosewood Residences. And then finally, we also piloted our retail offering, so really extending our Rosewood ecosystem where we can impact people's lives and deliver them a curated Rosewood experience wherever they are.

ANDY SERWER: Wow, that's a lot of stuff. I mean, you probably never would have done those things, all those things, certainly not in that time period, had it not been for COVID, right?

SONIA CHENG: I think that COVID gave us time to take a step back and pause and observe how consumers are behaving and how they're evolving and it accelerated some of the plans that are going to stay.

ANDY SERWER: Yeah. So yours is a family business. Your grandfather was the patriarch of the family company, and your father, and then you joined after college then working on Wall Street.

Tell us about that journey. You went to school high school in the United States, then you went to Harvard, and then, as I said, after Wall Street joined. What was that process like?

SONIA CHENG: It was amazing. So after I graduated from Harvard, I went into the finance industry, which I did a few years in investment banking and then a few years at private equity. And those experience was amazing. It gave me a very solid foundation in terms of how to analyze operating companies, build the financial skills that I need in the future.

And then after I think about five years, then I started venturing into the hospitality business. Hospitality has always been my passion. It's in our family blood, as you mention. My grandfather and my father were pioneers in the luxury hotel space in Asia.

They were the first one to develop the first luxury hotel in Hong Kong. They were the first one to develop the first luxury hotel in China. At one point, with the New World Hotels, we were one of the biggest player in Asia at that time. And my grandfather and my father always loved the hospitality business and I've always been growing up surrounded by the hotel business. We lived next door to the hotel.

I used to go with my father when he was looking after the hotel business to look at operations. I traveled around the world with them. So that's how I developed my passion. And so after the finance experience, I immediately ventured into the hotel business.

ANDY SERWER: And so you had some background in it, but basically, you were learning as you were going initially and then when did you take the reins of the business itself?

SONIA CHENG: So I joined in 2008, around 2008, 2009. And you're correct, I didn't have the traditional hotel education. I didn't go to Hotel School. But because when I joined, I was so passionate that I spent the first two years really almost a crash course in hotels, meeting as many people as possible in the hotel industry, different companies, talking to a lot of from market leaders, to influencers, to travel experts to really understand, what are the needs in the hotel industry?

What are the offerings and what are the white space? And then those first two years, the other thing I did was I knew that I need a very strong management team. So I spent the first two years hiring and recruiting the best talents to join my team to be partners on our exciting journey. And then fast forward in 2011, the key pivotal point was the acquisition of Rosewood in 2011.

ANDY SERWER: Right. How does your family, do you guys have family meetings where you talk about all the businesses together? How does your family operate that way?

SONIA CHENG: Actually, we're pretty casual. My father is a great mentor. He really loves the hotel business. So every time we have family dinners, he will discuss with me on hotel operations, deliver me advice, share with me his observation whenever he goes around to the hotels, and we would have really open discussion and discuss how we can improve, how we can involve, and how do we develop the brand.

ANDY SERWER: Right. And then you have brothers who are in other businesses that are part of the family group as well, right?

SONIA CHENG: That's correct.

ANDY SERWER: So tell us what's going on a little bit in Hong Kong, Sonia, in terms of the business environment. We read so much here in the United States about changes and disruption, COVID, political issues. How would you describe the environment right now?

SONIA CHENG: Well, Hong Kong recently relaxed their travel restrictions, coming to Hong Kong on the quarantine, so that's really good news. We're already seeing an uptick in travel coming into Hong Kong once the restriction was lifted. I'm very confident that once the quarantine restrictions are lifted completely, there will be a very quick recovery in Hong Kong.

I think there's a significant pent up demand in coming to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is still the one of the world's most important financial hub, business hub, cultural hub. And we're very confident in terms of Hong Kong's future and outlook and hopefully the restrictions will relax very soon and we'll see a very significant recovery.

ANDY SERWER: And just one more question along those lines. I mean, running a global business like this, are you concerned about the way the world seems to be going in terms of being anti-globalists, and the world being more divided up, and travel being more difficult between countries because of political tensions, not just COVID? Is that something you consider?

SONIA CHENG: I think now, in a line of business as I see with the recovery of COVID, we see a significant pent up demand to travel. If you look at the recovery path, whether it is in China, whether it's in Europe and the US, the trend is the same. As soon as restrictions are lifted, people want to go back to what was their normal lives period pre-COVID.

They want to see their family, they want to see their friends, they want to meet their colleagues. So what we're experiencing in our hotels are a very quick recovery. Whether it's in the US or Europe, and now Southeast Asia, we are reaching levels that we've never seen before even pre-COVID. So overall, I'm very confident in the hospitality space and its outlook.

ANDY SERWER: Right. And so just to follow up on that, are you kind of back to 2019 levels?

SONIA CHENG: Oh, some of the hotels are beyond 2019 levels. We have resorts in Mexico that it's experiencing rates and occupancy that they have never seen before since opening. So there's a huge pent up demand.

ANDY SERWER: Now, on the other hand, part of the problems with this demand are twofold. One, which is labor shortages, and two, supply chain so. I'd like to ask you about both of those things.

And I know it may be hard to generalize about both, since you are such a global business. But what about, let's just take them one at a time, what about labor shortages? How is that playing out in various markets, Sonia?

SONIA CHENG: So, we are experiencing labor challenges, I think as with everyone else in the hotel space and travel industry. However, in the last couple of months, we've been able to recruit the talent that we have been looking for. I think that it's very important to reintroduce the beauty of the hotel industry to the talents out there. I think that because of COVID, they temporarily left the industry, but a lot actually wanted to come back.

So I think it's important to focus on building an organization where we are communicating to our talents that this is a learning organization. What is your career path? Focusing on building a purpose-led organization, which the new generation of talents, that's what they're looking for.

So really shifting focus on, how do we make the hospitality industry attractive again? And it all comes down to people. It all comes down to leadership and what are you trying to build as an organization? And we've been seeing some success. We had a little bit of a bump last couple years, but then we've seen some success in recruiting back the talents.

ANDY SERWER: And as far as supply chain goes, how is that affecting your business, just in terms of being able to source everything, from food to linens to construction materials? And is that impacting pricing? And are you seeing inflation being a problem?

SONIA CHENG: So we're starting to seeing some rise in cost in our properties and our hotel operations in the US and Europe and we are addressing it. I think that we are looking at different methods of optimizing our operations. The good thing is, because the pent up demand of travel is there, and we're seeing such a surge of travel and rates are increasing as well, so overall, the impact currently is still manageable.

ANDY SERWER: Right. So you have some pricing flexibility in terms of what you're able to charge. Shifting gears a little bit, Sonia, I want to ask you about being a woman leader in the business and what that's been like, and how singular that is and what your experience has been.

SONIA CHENG: I think that, for Rosewood, I think women in the hospitality industry, we can offer a very unique perspective to the hospitality industry. And I can speak for myself, I'm a mother of four at the moment and I find it a very tremendous experience to be in the hotel industry, because previously, you were saying that there's challenges of work and family balance. And but what I realize is nowadays, a lot of women travel with their family on vacation. There's a trend of developing blending work with leisure at the same time.

And for us women, we have a different lens in the hotel industry where we can shed a different light that can help evolve the experience in hotels. So for example, because I have four children and I know what is important to children, the last couple of years we revamped our children's program, which is called Rose Explorer. So previously, in different hotels, kids clubs are seen as this 50 square meter room where you have some art table, you have some books and that's the kids club to house the children in resorts. But because I have children, I have a different perspective.

And Rosewood Phuket, for example, we've launched a new kids program where we built in a lot more educational experience from programs to learn about coral reef, to a herb garden. So they learn about organic planting, to tie weaving stations. So it's a very diverse education experience and kids love it and families are going to Rosewood because we have an amazing kids program. And I wouldn't have developed that had I not become a mother.

So I think women can really provide a different perspective to the industry. The other example I want to deliver you is about development of Asaya. And when we launched the Asaya concept, we created a focus group with a lot of women and talked to them about what their needs are and what they're looking for that is beyond a traditional spa. So those inspirations are very important and critical for our hotel industry to continue to develop and continue to evolve our concept.

ANDY SERWER: That's fascinating. I think you're also using data analytics to personalize hotel stays more and more. Can you talk to us about where that's going?

SONIA CHENG: Yeah, so I think it's very important that we recognize our consumers' behavior, our guests' behavior on a regular basis. So we are building a very strong CRM program globally for our hotels where we are able to understand our customer's need in advance, and so that our approach and our service approach is much more intuitive. We're building a data lake where we are capturing these data and allowing our associates at the property to provide those experience in a much more personal way.

ANDY SERWER: And what about sustainability? Is that important to you and how has that manifested both from an operational standpoint, Sonia, and also maybe from the standpoint of something that the guests might experience?

SONIA CHENG: Yes, absolutely. So sustainability is very important to us. We have just launched our social impact vision, in fact, which is called Rosewood Impact. And the vision really covers how we are going to support community, as well as play our part in protecting the planet.

And we have been doing a lot of sustainability efforts and initiatives and programs for decades now. We have a global food waste program where we try to reduce wastage, as well as reduce energy around the world. And then we have just opened Rosa Sao Paulo for example, which is one of the largest upcycling project in Brazil, in fact.

And we're committed to, within a year, to achieve 100% renewable energy through solar panels and hopefully to achieve, as a group, carbon neutrality in the future. So sustainability is very much a core pillar in our organization. We've been doing a lot, but we recognize that we need to do more to help sustain and protect the planet.

ANDY SERWER: And you just mentioned Sao Paulo. Can you tell us where you're going to be opening other properties over the next year?

SONIA CHENG: So beyond Brazil, you mean?


SONIA CHENG: Yes, absolutely. So for Rosewood the brand, I mean, we've announced about 24 projects around the world. Next year is a very exciting year for us. We're opening quite a few amazing projects.

We're opening a Rosewood Amsterdam. We're opening in Rosewood Munich. We're opening our first hotel in Hawaii, Kona Village. We're also venturing into Middle East and opening Rosewood Doha as well. So very exciting openings in the next year.

ANDY SERWER: Sounds like you're going to be racking up those frequent flyer miles, Sonia, right?

SONIA CHENG: Yes, hopefully. I think next year onwards the travel will be quite intense.

ANDY SERWER: All right, final question, and I know you're not going to be able to answer this because this is like the same thing, me asking you which one of your kids is your favorite kid. So I'm going to ask you, which one of your hotel properties is your favorite property? Or is there any way that you can maybe say, well, something really sticks out in your mind that you kind of really dig?

SONIA CHENG: I mean, a lot of people ask me that question and I will deliver the same answer. I really do not have a favorite. Every Rosewood property really have a special place in my heart. Everyone has their own story. From Rosewood Hong Kong, which is my home, my home city. I used to live in that area, so it has a special place in my heart. To Rosewood Beijing, which is our first hotel in Asia. To a Hotel de Crillon in Paris, which is a tremendous landmark in Paris. And so every property really has an amazing spot in my heart, so I can't really say who's the favorite.

ANDY SERWER: You have the dozens of hotels and the four kids and you love them all. I can't blame. You can't single any of them out. That makes sense, right?


ANDY SERWER: Sonia Cheng, CEO of Rosewood Hotel Group. Thank you so much for your time.

SONIA CHENG: Thank you, Andy. Thank you.

ANDY SERWER: You've been watching "Influencers." I'm Andy Serwer. We'll see you next time.


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Killexams : Biden administration defends record amid class action lawsuit from Black farmers

The White House on Wednesday touted its efforts to provide relief for Black American farmers on the same day that the federal government was hit with a class action lawsuit by said farmers, who say the government broke its promise to keep their farms afloat throughout and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ben Crump Black Farmers
Attorney Ben Crump with Black farmers who are plaintiffs in a new lawsuit filed against the federal government. (Photo: Darryle A. Carter via Ben Crump Law)

The Biden administration reacted to the lawsuit with a statement from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that does not explicitly mention the lawsuit that was announced on Wednesday and filed in the United States Court of Federal Claims on Oct. 7. However, the government sought to clarify its position after lawsuits filed by white farmers, who claimed they were discriminated against, led to court injunctions that froze the $5 billion intended to relieve Black and minority farmers. 

The funding was earmarked in the American Rescue Plan, which was signed into law by President Joe Biden in March 2021. It quickly drew outrage from Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who called the policy “reparations,” while others claimed it was reverse discrimination.

A group of Black farmers, represented by famed civil rights attorney Ben Crump, says the U.S. government breached its “contractual rights” when it repealed the provision in ARP that would’ve provided the federal funding for “socially disadvantaged” farmers, particularly Black farmers who had been historically discriminated against by USDA.

Crump compared the “breached contract” to the 40 acres and a mule that was promised to enslaved African Americans during the American Civil War – a pledge of land that never came to fruition. The civil rights attorney is calling for the exact amount of funding ($5 billion) initially included in ARP to be awarded to the plaintiffs.

He told theGrio the objective of the lawsuit is to “make the federal government live up to the promise that the Black farmers and the brown farmers relied on when they passed the American Rescue Plan.” 

“The powers that be, for whatever reason, started to scream reverse discrimination. And then the government broke their promise,” said Crump. “They did not stand up and fight for the Black farmers to get equal justice and equal opportunity after it was clear that so many times Black farmers and brown farmers, Asian farmers and native farmers have been discriminated against.”

Crump also noted that Black and minority farmers relied on the promise of debt relief by the federal government, so much so that they invested in new equipment and land. The plaintiffs say they are now in jeopardy of losing their farms and livelihood.

Leon W. Russell, chair of the National Board of Directors at NAACP, told theGrio that Crump’s lawsuit on behalf of Black and brown farmers is an “excellent strategy,” noting that Black farmers have been promised relief for decades. “Promises have not been kept,” he said. 

Black farmer
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

While the administration says it is adamant about fighting for Black farmers, it defended its decision to repeal the ARP provision. In a statement, USDA said had they not, the legal battle “would likely have not been resolved for years.” 

The Biden-Harris administration noted that in the Inflation Reduction Act, Democratic senators provided $3.1 billion for “distressed borrowers” and an additional $2.2 billion to provide financial assistance for farmers who “have suffered discrimination by USDA farm loan programs.” However, the bill’s language no longer mentioned race as a specific criterion. 

In a previous statement at the time of the IRA’s passage on Capitol Hill, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., who co-sponsored the new provisions, said “those farmers, particularly Black farmers, who have suffered USDA discrimination, this legislation sets in motion a process to right those wrongs.”

In the early 20th century, there were many Black farmers in the United States. In a previous interview with theGrio, Black farmers advocate and former USDA state director, Shirley Sherrod, estimated that there were “almost a million Black farmers somewhere around 1910 or so,” who she said, “owned about 15 million acres of farmland.”

Today, the number of Black farmers is said to be dismal, as many of them had to shut down their businesses due to a lack of capital. Additionally, many were denied loans from the Department of Agriculture because of alleged discrimination. A settlement was eventually reached during the Obama administration to the tune of $1.25 billion. 

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Killexams : Sonia L. Williamson

Sonia L. Williamson, 85, of Altoona, passed away Friday at her residence. She was born in Altoona, daughter of the late Earl M. and Mabel B. (Rush) McGee. She married her junior high school sweetheart, Zane Williamson, in December 1958.

She is survived by her husband; two daughters, Lisa Covitch (Bruce) and Kiersten Zelnosky (Mark), both of Altoona; two grandsons, Richard Zelnosky (Sarah) and Anthony Zelnosky (Marissa); two granddaughers, Kaitlyn Zelnosky (Ronnie Drinnon) of Altoona and Lauryn Zelnosky of Pittsburgh; and great-grandchildren: Rayla and Rhys Zelnosky and Emmy Terez Zelnosky.

Sonia graduated from Altoona High School, Class of 1955, where she served as managing editor of the school newspaper, The Mountain Echo. She was a 1958 graduate of Jefferson Medical College Hospital School of Nursing, Philadelphia.

She returned to Altoona and began a 40-year career at Altoona Hospital as head nurse/supervisor of pediatrics, RN in Recovery Room and finally as founder and director of the Case Management Department.

She was a kind, thoughtful, well-liked person who made friends wherever she went. She loved being with her family most of all, especially traveling with the grandkids. She enjoyed fall trips to New England and Canada, wintering in Florida and numerous trips to Europe and California.

Sonia was an avid reader, sports fan and loved hiking in the woods with her husband, Zane, and their German Shepherd, Wolf.

She was a member of St. Thomas of Canterbury Anglican Church, Philipsburg, and served as a church-school teacher and vestry secretary in the Episcopal and Anglican churches. God loves her heart — Heaven will be a better place.

Sonia would want to say thanks and best wishes to all who were her friends, workmates and acquaintances with special thanks to the great staff at Graystone Manor, Altoona, who provided care during the past two years.

Friends will be received from 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2022, at The Stevens Mortuary Inc., 1421 Eighth Avenue, Altoona. A funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022, at Stevens Memorial Chapel with Fr. Fred Erb officiating. Interment will be at Grandview Cemetery.

The family requests that memorial contributions be made in Sonia’s memory to: Central PA Humane Society, 1837 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd., Altoona, PA 16602; Salvation Army, 1813 Sixth Ave., Altoona, PA 16602; or Food For Families, 2201 Union Ave., Altoona, PA 16601. Condolences may be made at or Stevens Family Funeral Homes Facebook.

Thu, 06 Oct 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : This PDF reader app has a million downloads on the Play Store - but it's just adware app security © Provided by TechRadar Pro app security

One of the most popular PDF reader apps on the Google Play Store is actually just a vehicle to deliver potentially harmful adware, experts have warned.

An investigation by Malwarebytes found that the imaginatively-named "PDF reader - documents viewer" app did nothing of the sort, but instead flooded user devices with annoying full screen adverts, even when not in use.

The company warns that the app has already had over a million downloads, and Google has yet to remove it, meaning even more victims could be hooked soon.

In a blog post outlining the scam, Malwarebytes notes how the app looks to trick users by not displaying ads immediately after being installed.

Instead, it waits a few hours, making it harder to spot which app has caused the issue. When activated, however, the app fills the user's home screen with full-page adverts, blocking them from accessing their device unless they click on the ad.

Video ads are also displayed, effectively preventing the user from accessing their device, with ads launching more and more frequently the longer the app is left unchecked.

Malwarebytes notes that the initial Google Play app listing page raised a few red flags that may have tipped users off that this was not a legitimate service. This includes a "Mature 17+" content rating - pretty unusual for an Android PDF reader, and the developer name of "Fairy games" - again, not something you would typically associate with such a service.

"If you have a lot of apps installed on your mobile device, this one can very hard to track down," Malwarebytes noted. "Another reason to not blindly trust you are safe while installing exclusively from Google Play. Even if the Play Store is by far the safest place to install apps on Android, it can fault from time to time as well. Having an anti-malware scanner, or anti-adware in this case, is a good idea. Stay safe out there!"

Fri, 02 Sep 2022 10:00:00 -0500 en-GB text/html

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